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The History of South Houston Intermediate

The site of the South Houston Intermediate School has a varied and colorful history.

It was first purchased by Dr. J. L. Dickerson, who was principal at the South Houston School, from a land development company. He established the Asgard College for Girls there in 1908.A two-story brick building was built and the college was operated for about four years. It closed because of a disagreement between Dr. Dickerson and the land company. Dr. Dickerson believed the land company had not lived up to the contract. The land and the building was sold to Harris County for a reformatory for boys. In 1928 it was converted into a psychiatric hospital and was used for this purpose until 1930. A dairy was then operated on the site for a while. After that the building was used for a Federal transit home and a National Youth Association Camp. The N.Y.A. added a dormitory building. The men were taught vocational courses. During World War II the draft board for the area was located in the dormitory building.

In 1947 the Pasadena School District purchased the land and buildings for a Junior High School housing the seventh through ninth grades. Classes began immediately in the dormitory building known as the double Z building with Thomas J. De Fee as principal, a position he held for six weeks. Mr. Carroll Teague then became the principal for the duration of the school year. The school consisted of ten classrooms, library, and kitchen. The kitchen was never used to prepare food for the children. Because there were no food facilities, the students had to bring their lunches. Most days the lunches were eaten on the patio which adjoined the school building. The school was allowed to have the first drink vending machine in the district because of the inadequate facilities.

With many interested spectators and a few humorous incidents, as when one of the bulldozers being used in the demolition of the building fell into an old septic tank, the old two story building was demolished and in 1948 a cafeteria building was built. It was detached from the double Z building.

Mr. Felton Waggoner became principal in the fall of 1948. There was an urgent need for facilities, so a richer educational program could be offered. So in 1949 a building containing a gym and dressing room, physical education classroom, band room, lounge, visual education and handicraft rooms was completed. The school now consisted of three separate buildings joined by covered walkways.

Mr. Scott Cockrell came to the school in 1950, the fourth principal in as many years. Enrollment was growing and the school became so crowded the gym had to be used for six classes. In 1953 four classrooms, a corridor, and vocational rooms were added to the gym building. Fourteen classrooms were added in 1956. With each addition the school was beginning to acquire a more conventional appearance and in 1959, when the two-story wing with classrooms, office, and boy's gym were completed, South Houston Intermediate at last had adequate facilities and a front entrance. Mr. Cockrell ended his ten-year administration that Spring.

Classes opened in the fall of 1960 with all major building programs completed. Mr. Glen White was the new principal. School activities fell into an orderly routine which was to last for four years.

Mr. Joe Hext became principal in 1964. South Houston Junior High became South Houston Intermediate. The student body now consisted of sixth through eighth grades instead of seventh through ninth.

The last building additions were made in 1969 while Mr. Sam Roach was principal. A boy's dressing room was added to the boy's gym, a kitchen was added to the cafeteria and the old kitchen converted to a clinic. 

South Houston Intermediate moved to its current location at 900 College Avenue in South Houston in the mid-1980s. Since that time, a new wing has been added with nine additional classrooms, two restrooms and an office space. Like all of the district’s intermediate schools, the campus no longer serves sixth-grade students. The change was made in 2006, when Rick Schneider Middle School opened as a fifth and sixth grade campus. A year earlier, in 2005, South Houston saw an increase in student enrollment caused by an influx of families fleeing New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. In 2017, Houston was hit by a hurricane of its own, Hurricane Harvey. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, South Houston Intermediate served as a shelter for the South Houston community, which was devastated by the storm. In 2020, the school received a new roof.

List of Principals:
-Thomas DeFee 1947
-Lucas Vegas 1947-1948
-Felton Waggoner 1948-1950
-Scott Cockrell 1950-1960
-Glen White 1960-1964
-Joe Hext 1964-1969
-Sam Roach 1969-1972
-Robert Tyler 1972-1982
-Lucas Vegas 1982-1995
-David Kendler 1995- 1998
-Joe McCorvey 1998 -2006
-Laura Gomez 2006-2019
-Jessica Swenson 2019- present